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A Walk Through SVG and its Usage in WordPress Websites

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Retina displays have become the latest talk of the town. With more and more attention being paid to the concept of using retina displays, a majority of entrepreneurs have switched to usage of SVGs(Scalable Vector Graphics) in their corporate websites. We all know that mere failure to adjust the website images in accordance to the high resolution screens is something that can’t be avoided. It is quite essential to ensure that the SVGs are being utilized in a way that the images can be easily scaled up in a proper manner. So, if you’re running a WordPress powered website or are about to build one, do opt for adding SVGs which will make your website compatible with all retina-like screens. This is a post which highlights the significance of SVGs and their correct use in WordPress powered websites. Read more

Future Web Trends That Are Hard to Ignore

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As the first quarter of 2015 is ending, we’ve come to see many predictions being made for the web design industry. Without wasting any time, let’s discuss about some of the major web trends that are expected to evolve and will be ruling the web industry in 2015:

1. Storytelling Will Become More Animated

You may have stumbled upon several websites that tell a story. Though storytelling isn’t new and has been around us for ages, but it’s only recently that it made its way into the design industry, by making use of animations and other interactive elements.

And this year, you can expect to see story designs becoming even better by the use of animation sequences that starts when a user scroll down the page. In essence, more and more websites telling stories will be using 3D graphics and HD quality videos, in a bid to increase the level of visual appeal and user’s interactivity. Read more

Reasons That Make AngularJS Stands Out As Top JavaScript Framework

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Angluar.js top framework
AngularJS – a JavaScript framework – seem to have become all the rage on the web. In fact, it has become one of the most widely-used tool among developers, as it offers compelling features that help in building highly interactive websites aimed at delivering pleasant user experience. However, still a lot of individuals and developers alike seem to be baffled about using the AngularJS for their project needs because of several reasons.

The first and the most obvious concern that might prevent you from using the AngularJS framework could be the learning curve – that make you understand how to use the Angular JS framework – and best practices you need to follow when implementing your app. Secondly, since jQuery is used for a lot of projects, adopting some framework to do the task requires a lot of considerations and careful evaluation. Read more

Factors on which the success of your Responsive Web Typography is contingent upon

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With Responsive being the talk of the town we will dig deeper into the know-hows of presenting the content in such a design. Responsive web design does not means to focus on images, columns, icons and grids. Wherein, these all things makes no sense without a good depiction of content.

Web typography being the scientific name of content style is what we are going to discuss in this article. With responsive being the current trend in the tech world missing out responsive typography is a sheer ignorance of any web developer and designer. Read more

Unleashing Indispensable Features Of An Effective Website

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Whether you are just beginning your website development or have done a little designing, you need to consider some crucial aspects for designing a worthy and effective website. There is no dearth of websites on the Internet. Thus, to beat the fierce competition, one has to come up with some extraordinary design and functions to make his website stand out among the pool of websites. This article will reveal some prolific features that your site must possess in order to appear appealing and highly functional. By ensuring these features, you can surely deliver a remarkable website that can help you rivet viewers and encourage them to interact efficiently. Integrating some resourceful elements in your site will certainly augment your business values across the globe. Let’s decipher some indispensable features that a website must possess to appear intuitive, intriguing and interactive. Read more

Top 7 PHP IDEs You Can’t Resist Using as a Web Developer

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PHP has indeed become one of the most popular programming languages used by web developers across the globe. Backed by an impressive community of web development experts, PHP has been loaded with great tools that can suit the requirements of every type of client. It is the concept of having a good development environment that can play a vital role in effective creation of PHP websites and web applications. The process of building a PHP website is accompanied by the task of editing HTML, CSS and multiple Javascript files. Thanks to the quick availability of brilliant IDEs, it has become convenient to eliminate a lot of efforts that goes into editing code during PHP web development. In today’s post, you’ll get to know about some of the leading PHP IDEs which have made the life of developers and programmers a lot more easy and comfortable. So, let’s get on with these seven brilliant PHP IDEs. Read more

Developing CSS for WordPress Theme – 5 Blunders That Must Be Avoided

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A unique and fresh web layout not only helps entice visitors, but also create a distinct web design. And CSS allows one to create a desirable website theme and enhance the look and feel of a website. By writing in CSS file, you can efficiently deliver a polished and refined design up to the web standards. This is why, if one wants to improve the aesthetics of his site, he has to tweak his theme’s stylesheet as per the requirements. If you are running a WordPress-powered website, you can edit your theme’s CSS and overhaul the layout as required.

Despite, WordPress is a quite popular for developing surefire web solutions, several people still commit some common mistakes while writing CSS for customizing the WP themes. Even professional have been found making common goofs. The browsers don’t understand these errors and simply, respond by generating a tattered appearance. Since, these mistakes can lead to a broken WP site, it is essential to avoid them while handling the CSS of a theme. Read more

Websites ohne Programmierkenntnisse erstellen

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Create a WordPress HTML5 Template from a responsive website Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of my tutorial on how to create a WordPress HTML5 template from an existing website. Be sure to read the first part before continuing here.

We have created a new HTML5 WordPress template that currently displays our home page including a menu, that can be customized through WordPress and three new posts for our slider content boxes. The next step is to create new layouts for posts and pages. As explained in the previous part of this tutorial the navigation items “About”, “Contact” and “Portfolio” would link to pages while the “Read more” links would rather link to posts. Read more

Automatically Create Custom CSS3 Select Boxes

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With the help of CSS3 Transitions it is possible to create beautiful custom CSS3 select boxes automatically. The script you can download here will automatically convert all select boxes which are inside a div with the class lingulo-select into custom select boxes.

Lingulo Custom Select Boxes Script


Custom Select Boxes


Select Boxes as Zip File9kB1093Times downloaded

In order to convert your select boxes into Lingulo Custom Select Boxes you need to include the minified script as well as the style.css file. Then simply wrap every select box you would like to be converted with a div with the classes lg-select and either style1, style2 or style3. Have a look at the preview to decide which style you would like to use. If you don´t use a particular styling at all it is best to remove it from the CSS file in order to decrease file size. It is also necessary to add a span element with the class lg-placeholder and a text for the placeholder just above your select element.
The Lingulo Custom Select Box script will look for select elements in your HTML code with the following structure.


<div class="lg-select style1">
<span class="lg-placeholder">Choose Your Dog</span>
<select><option value="black-labrador">Black Labrador</option>
<option value="old-english-sheepdog">Old English Sheepdog</option>
<option value="pomeranian">Pomeranian</option>
<option value="black-pug">Black Pug</option>
<option value="white-poodle">White Poodle</option>
<option value="saint-bernard">Saint Bernard</option>
<option value="rhodesian-ridgeback">Rhodesian Ridgeback</option>