How To Promote Your Business Website

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A business website is a powerful tool that companies use for their day-to-day endeavors. It builds credibility and allows you to stay connected to consumers at all points of the day. There is almost no company that does not have a site set up, and those that don’t, are not successful.

The question is – how do you promote your business website? Given the fact that it is so important, there is a set of tips and tricks you can follow the next time you set out to market it and grow traffic. First, you want to make sure that it is unique and user-friendly, as this will increase the amount of time that people spend on it. Moreover, given the widespread popularity of social media, you must use it to promote your site. Remember to include a blog in order to set yourself up to be an expert in your field, utilize mobile marketing, engage with the community, incorporate SEO, maintain quality content and hire the necessary experts to help you when needed.

Uniqueness and creativity

Your business site should be unlike anything else that is out there. While you will have other companies who offer similar products and services, your web content and the overall quality of it should be completely different. You need to differentiate yourself as unique in order to successfully promote it and thus attract people in the first place.

Ensure it is user-friendly

In order to properly promote your business website, you must ensure that it is user-friendly. People will not stick around on a site that they cannot navigate or even understand for that matter. Does your site load quickly? Is it clear what your business goals and objectives are? If the answer is no to both of these, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Link to social media

Social media is used by businesses to engage with their audience, and thus furthers the communication you do. It is important to always link to your website even on these social media platforms, as they are a good way to drive additional traffic to your site. You can even promote your social media accounts on your website, and it is thus an overall win-win situation.

Include a blog

Blogging will allow you to set yourself up as an expert in a field and is a great way to encourage people to promote content from your site. Already, you will notice this exists on many business websites, and especially those that are popular with people. You are helping increase traffic, and it even works hand-in-hand with your social media initiatives as a more expanded upon option. Moreover, you are opening up the door for discussions and as soon as you do this, which, remember, is the end-goal! You could even offer the option for guest blog posts, in order to further create relationships with your target audience.

Mobile marketing

Everyone has a mobile phone, and it could be the case that some people spend more time on this small device that sits in your pocket as opposed to a laptop. Thus, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly, but that you also specifically promote it via mobile marketing. Businesses should use bulk sms marketing in order to send text messages directly to the customers that have subscribed to them. In doing this, you can inform people about limited edition deals, promos, or other events, and ultimately lead them back to your business website in the process. Given how easy and efficient it is, you should not neglect this factor.

Engage with the community

Engaging with your community is a must if you hope to properly promote your site. Already, you will be doing this in several ways, but you must kick it up a notch by always being accessible to prospective customers as well as continuously inviting people to follow your content, offer feedback, and so on. You must always make sure to make your target audience feel important and valued, and so when you ask for feedback, be sure to actually listen to it! Show that you care by optimizing for the needs and wants that people come to you with.

Ensure it is SEO friendly

One of the most crucial factors you need to add to your website is SEO friendly content. This will allow people to find your site much easier on the world wide web, and also boost its standing in Google’s algorithm. Incorporating the right type of keywords is often a crucial component of this, and you will have to include strategic phrases and meta tags throughout your content. Know who your audience is and use it to your advantage when tweaking your site.

Keep up quality content

People will want to engage with content that is high quality and inspires them. You no doubt heard of the saying, content is king, and it is time to factor in the importance of this statement. Make sure that both the images and written copy that is on your website is reflective of your business brand. The overall tone must also match, and you should thus determine whether your business is comical, dry, informative, and so on. 

Hire professionals

At the end of the day, there should be no shame in hiring professional web experts that can help your business achieve its promotion goals. After all, you can only learn so much by doing research, especially when you compare yourself to someone that has received a school degree in the field. Plus, this takes the pressure off you to focus on the various other aspects of the business, as the work is never done!

What does your business website look like? Take some time to analyze it and think about whether it is properly meeting the goals you have set out. If it is not, it is time to switch gears and do something about it. Follow the tips mentioned here, and remember the importance of doing so at all times.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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