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Weekly Roundup No. 5

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Web Development

12 Web Development Trends You Must Know about in 2016

With upcoming frameworks, powerful development tools and evolving technologies, this year looks very promising for web developers. Here are our thoughts on the top web development trends for 2016.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Killer Jobs in Web Development

Looking for a job in web development? If you’ve already got the skills, this guide is what you’re looking for. Close that Google search for “web developer jobs” and skip square one altogether with this resource goldmine for finding a career in web development.

17 Hybrid Cloud Security Threats and How to Fix Them

We’ve analyzed the biggest security threats you need to consider for your hybrid cloud IT set up and our recommendations for the best ways to fix them.


Translation and Localization with AngularJS

As the world grows closer through the internet, more companies need websites that are translated into other languages. Businesses that target other cultures, nationalities, and languages need a way to provide this feature in a way that is responsive and maintainable. There are many guides and blogs online that refer to this as i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization).

Angular, React, and Javascript Framework Fatigue

I’m an avid follower of Hacker News and many various programming related subreddits. There is a constant flow of posts where the author expresses fatigue, weariness, and many times backlash at JavaScript and the plethora of front-end frameworks.

Automating Component Registration in AngularJS

Bootstrapping an AngularJS application involves a lot of registration, we have to register every component we create so we can use it later with our precious friend, mister DI. We’ll look at the manual way of doing things and how to automate it.

Different Ways of Injecting Dependency in an AngularJS Application

When you start learning the very first characteristics of AngularJS, you may come across something called Dependency Injection (DI): the premise that AngularJS injects dependencies whenever an application needs them. As a developer, our task is only to pass the dependency to the module and everything else will be taken care by AngularJS.


Use PHP to Create RESTful API With Simple Authentication

It is sometimes necessary to bridge different web applications together in order to transmit or receive information and process it. One scenario could be a mobile application that connects to a web service to pull or push data in order to update the app or provide “real time” services with centralized data.

Docker for PHP Developers

I’ve used Vagrant to manage local development servers for several years. Vagrant is, according to its official website, a tool to “create and configure light-weight, reproducible, and portable development environments.” Basically, Vagrant helps me create and provision virtual machines with unique combinations of software and configuration customized for each of my projects.

Using Elastic Beanstalk Multi-Container with PHP

I’m a big fan of Elastic Beanstalk on AWS, as it allows me to deploy application quite easily, while still benefiting from all AWS features (load balancer, auto scaling…). The recent addition of API Gateway to AWS tools will likely make using Elastic Beanstalk even more conveniently.

From Our Partners

What developers think about when choosing a WordPress hosting provider

When choosing a WordPress host, one of the most important considerations is performance. Of course, every hosting provider will say their service is the fastest, the most scalable, and the most reliable. So how do you evaluate different providers and determine which is right for your needs?

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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