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In this section you will find useful scripts, snippets and downloads, which every web developer and designer should know. Snippets and downloads with the Lingulo sign and bold font are created by Lingulo.


  • Modernizr.js – feature detection library
  • html5shiv.js – enables HTML5 sectioning elements in old browsers
  • srcset polyfill – enables support for the srcset attribute for responsive images
  • Respond.js – enables media query and max-/min-width support for old browsers
  • Selectivizr – enables CSS3 pseudo-classes (like :first-child) for IE 6-8
  • CSS3 Pie – enables CSS3 decoration features like border-radius for IE 6-9


  • Bootstrap – most popular HTML, CSS, JS framework
  • Foundation – advanced frontend framework for rather large projects
  • Skel.js – lightweight JS based responsive framework
  • 960gs – framework based on a width of 960px and 12 columns
  • Skeleton – tiny framework for rather small projects
  • Kube – simple framework with little default styling
  • Kube – CSS framework with React components based on Google´s Material design
  • MUI – CSS framework based on Google´s Material design
  • Less framework – grid system for creating adaptive websites
  • Pure.css – a module based CSS framework made by Yahoo!
  • YAML – another popular CSS framework build on SASS
  • Fireshell – very useful HTML5, SASS, Grunt.js frontend boilerplate
  • Gumby – simple flexible CSS framework with SASS
  • GroundworkCSS – another responsive HTML, CSS, JS framework with SASS


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