Why use ajax anyways? Using ajax requests on your website can be very useful when you would like to load content asynchronously after the page has finished loading. Ajax can help decrease the TTFB (time to first byte) because some parts of the website’s logic can be taken out of the main synchronous request and instead loaded afterwards. However if not used correctly ajax requests can slow down the browser and in the worst case completely crash…

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15 best web development podcasts for developers!

Since there are many resources out there for getting started in web development, having some truly inspiring web development podcasts in your bookmarks is a great way to learn. It’s the most portable way to consume content and to learn something new in web development.

Top 7 HTML5 Editors for Web Development

HTML5 has gathered tremendous attention in the last two years and is still ruling. As internet is changing vigorously, HTML5 is at the fore of those distinct changes. An HTML editor is actually a software application for crafting web pages. Those who are specialized can provide expediency and extra functions.

PHP has indeed become one of the most popular programming languages used by web developers across the globe. Backed by an impressive community of web development experts, PHP has been loaded with great tools that can suit the requirements of every type of client. It is the concept of having a good development environment that can play a vital role in effective creation of PHP websites and web applications. The process of building a PHP website is accompanied by the task of editing HTML, CSS and multiple Javascript files. Thanks to the quick availability of brilliant IDEs, it has become convenient to eliminate a lot of efforts that goes into editing code during PHP web development. In today’s post, you’ll get to know about some of the leading PHP IDEs which have made the life of developers and programmers a lot more easy and comfortable. So, let’s get on with these seven brilliant PHP IDEs.

In this tutorial we will take the responsive website we have built in the previous tutorials and implement it into Wordpress. Wordpress is a web blog system which was originally created to be able to easily write flexible and adaptable blog posts. In the course of years the range of functions enlarged more and more so that we can now use Wordpress not only for blogs but also as a Content Management System for “normal”…

In PHP 4 error handling in functions and methods was returned by the return command. Let´s say we would like to connect to a database via MySQLi inside a method or function. If the connection fails an error message and the error code should be displayed. In PHP 4 the error handling would have looked like this: function connect_to_mysql() {$mysqli = @new mysqli(‘localhost’, ‘username’, ‘password’, ‘db_name’); if ($mysqli->connect_errno) { return false;} return true;} To find…