How to Create a PBN Network Without Creating a Footprint

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For those of us who are unfamiliar with the term PBN, it simply stands for private blog network. PBN’s are used in SEO or search engine optimisation to increase the visibility of a particular website in the eyes of the search engine. In order that a website gains ‘kudos’ in the eyes of the search engine, it has to have links with other websites and having a PBN network linking to your site is essentially a way of creating this.

If you are creating a PBN network, it is important not to leave any evidence or ‘footprints’ suggesting that you have in fact created this system. The sites should look natural, the links should look natural but how would you go about doing that?

Domain Choice

You should try to choose domains which have been around for a long time and ones which have been used on a website before. There should be a good profile of other links, check the profile as it would not be appropriate to have poor or spammy links attached to it. If the profile of links is effective, it will pass power to your site.


One giveaway would be if all of your PBN’s were hosted with the same provider on the same plan. Each should be hosted on a different IP address and in different worldwide locations. You can in fact make use of a hosting provider that offers PBN hosting to make the process easier and less time consuming for yourself – such as

Building Your Websites

Your websites should be individual and look completely different. 

  • Graphics should be individual and different, there should be no similarities. Unless you are adept at creating individual graphics, you may want to make use of someone who can effectively do that for you.
  • Content on the site has to be unique, you cannot copy content across from one website to another. If necessary, hire a few content writers rather than just have one person who may write using a similar style. 
  • Each website should have a unique logo and a unique theme, there should be no need to use the same theme as there are plenty to choose from. 
  • You should make sure that you are using different plug ins for each website, mix them up.
  • Your PBN website should have multiple pages, you want to have an about page, a contact us page, terms and conditions and so on, to keep it looking natural, after all, that is what you would expect to find in a website.


It is not a good idea to link your network  together. It is certainly the case that by linking them, you may receive a short term boost in rankings but it is not worth it in the longer term.


You should be prepared to make updates to your network in the same way that you would update any other website to avoid drawing attention to it.

It does take time, effort and energy to build a PBN network, it is not going to happen overnight, you have to be prepared to be patient and not to cut corners. Do not be tempted to cut costs, you have to spend what is necessary in order to do it effectively and avoid penalties from the search engines.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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