The Best Ways to get more Youtube Views

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The internet has brought as many wonderful things. It’s brought us the ability to speak with people hundreds of miles away as though they’re sitting right next to us. It’s brought us live news and weather updates and emails. It’s brought us the marvel that is social media, with more and more people signing up to different sites every single day. However, one of the most popular places to visit on the internet remains one of the sites that emerged a long time ago. Youtube has become an absolute worldwide phenomenon, and has been for a very long time. The number of minutes available to watch on Youtube far exceeds any of our life expectancies (by a very considerable amount) and it really is a marvel. More and more Youtubers are starting up every years, each of them vying for the most subscribers and the most views on their videos. 

This competition comes with a downsides, however. With more and more people battling to get the most views, lots of channels are failing. People simply aren’t getting the views that are necessary to both make money and keep their channels alive. It’s a lot harder than most people think as well; there are that many videos to watch out there and a lot of people’s suggested videos are dominated by already popular channels. You really need to know how to get more views as they won’t magically appear by themselves. How do you actually do this, though? What are the best tactics to employ? Read on to find out. 

Now, I’ve never had a Youtube channel myself but I know exactly the kinds of advertising and techniques that work when it comes to getting people more views on the site. I’ve fallen for plenty of clickbait links in my time, but I’ve also been a fan of some good advertising techniques and have been happy to help out different accounts (whether they’re already well established or up-and-coming). I’m in a pretty good position to talk about the best ways for you to get more views, so without further ado here they are. 

One of the best ways to get more likes on your Youtube videos is to buy them. Now, as with sites like Instagram where you can buy likes and followers, this is often frowned upon. People claim that you don’t have to work as hard and that you’re cheating the system. I disagree completely for a number of reasons, however. First of all, you’re pumping your own money into getting these views. This is already a reasonable sacrifice on your behalf, depending on how much you’re spending, and it shows you’re putting your channel’s needs first. Secondly, it’s not as though you’re paying to simply have the numbers on your channel increase. Real people with real Youtube accounts will still be watching your videos, so people are still seeing all of your content and making sure your recorded views are at a reliable number. If you’re looking for a site to buy likes from, this will get you started

Now, you need to make sure the site you’re buying from is reliable and safe to use. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting your own valuable money and not getting a fair deal in return. Some sites aren’t trustworthy at all and will scam you simply for their own gain. Read up on different online reviews to see who is the best to buy from, and then start off safe. Pay a little to begin with and see if your views increase by any. If they do, pay a bit more and check again to make sure it’s still working. Taking it slowly like this will reward your patience and make sure that the money you’re spending is all worth it. Views are what Instagram is all about, and buying them is a great way to get them. 

Another great way to get more Youtube views is by advertising your channel on different social media platforms. These are some of the places where you are most likely to appeal to people outwith the Youtube website or app itself, so making sure you know how to do it is key. Nearly everyone uses social media these days, especially Facebook. If you have a Facebook page, whether it’s your private one of one for your channel, get advertising as frequently as possible. Whenever you post a new video, post a link on Facebook encouraging people to go and watch it. Each click will tend to get you a view, and if your video titles are catchy and intriguing people will want to watch them. Get your friends and followers to share your links to other people, as this will further increase the number of people clicking the links and therefore watching your videos. 

Social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat can also be used for this purpose. Let people know when a new video is scheduled to be uploaded on Youtube (all the big Youtubers do this) so that they’re ready and raring to go when they’re live. You could perhaps even organise giveaways or rewards of some sort for people who view, like and comment on your Youtube videos. It’s all about showing your subscribers there’s something in it for them, as this will really give them an incentive to watch your videos. 

You could also pay for advertisements on either Youtube itself or on social media sites. This is one of the most popular ways for Youtubers to get their videos seen by people who don’t already subscribe to them. This probably will, of course, cost you a decent bit of money but it’ll definitely be worth it if it rakes in the views. Getting advertisements placed during Youtube videos or on people’s Facebook/Instagram feeds will greatly increase the chances of people seeing your name and clicking your videos. If they like them, they’ll watch more; it’s as simple as that. Views are the most important thing on Youtube in all regards, so getting as many as possible should be your primary objective.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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