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Author: Jack Calder

Developing CSS for WordPress Theme – 5 Blunders That Must Be Avoided

GD Star Ratingloading...A unique and fresh web layout not only helps entice visitors, but also create a distinct web design. And CSS allows one to create a desirable website theme and enhance the look and feel of a website. By writing in CSS file, you can efficiently deliver a polished and refined design up to the web standards. This is why, if one wants to improve the aesthetics of his site, he has to tweak his theme’s stylesheet as per the requirements. If you are running a WordPress-powered website, you can edit your theme’s CSS and overhaul the layout as required. Despite, WordPress is a quite popular for developing surefire web solutions, several people still commit some common mistakes while writing CSS for customizing the WP themes. Even professional have been found making common goofs. The browsers don’t understand these errors and simply, respond by generating a tattered appearance. Since, these mistakes can lead to a broken WP site, it is essential to avoid them while handling the CSS of a theme. Here we have listed a few bloopers that perpetrate a poor design if not avoided while handling the CSS in WordPress, let’s distill them, so that they can be obviated and an appropriate layout can be proficiently designed. 1. Not following the ground rules for CSS No doubt, CSS offers a great ease to stay creative and...

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Deliver Video in HTML5 or Flash with Cloud Players

GD Star Ratingloading... Video Cloud Players to Deliver Video in Flash or HTML5 – An Insight The growth rate of mobile web usage is exceeding in leaps and bounds. And this rapid increase in the popularity of mobile web, is giving video publishers a hard time in reaching out to a wider audience base, by utilizing the Flash Player alone. Therefore, to reach the desired audience it becomes imperative for video publishers to serve their audience with HTML5 videos as well that can run on both desktop and mobile devices. Flash was ubiquitous and has been the standard player for delivering videos, for more than a decade. Though, HTML5 is getting developed expeditiously, but when it comes to keeping in line with the Flash technology or the integration environment, it hasn’t yet attained the maturity like the Flash videos. Fortunately, Video Cloud smart players will most likely help you meet the challenges imposed by HTML5. Wondering how? As soon as you’ll enable HTML5 player delivery, the Video smart players will play Flash videos for your desktop, and will intimate the user to install Flash if it isn’t installed on the system. However, in case of mobile devices the Video Cloud payers will play Flash videos for the devices that supports them (devices that have installed Flash player). But, if the mobile device doesn’t support Flash or hasn’t installed the...

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