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Weekly Roundup No. 2

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Web Development

15 best web development podcasts for developers!

Since there are many resources out there for getting started in web development, having some truly inspiring web development podcasts in your bookmarks is a great way to learn. It’s the most portable way to consume content and to learn something new in web development.

Top 7 HTML5 Editors for Web Development

HTML5 has gathered tremendous attention in the last two years and is still ruling. As internet is changing vigorously, HTML5 is at the fore of those distinct changes. An HTML editor is actually a software application for crafting web pages. Those who are specialized can provide expediency and extra functions.

Top 7 Linux Open Source Development Tools

I began my foray into web development with Adobe’s Dreamweaver software, under Windows. As I moved to the Linux OS, I welcomed the opportunity to explore a wide range of free development tools that provided nearly the same experience. In fact, I realized that not being able to rely on Dreamweaver’s automation, forced me to learn even more.


Exploring Real-Time Angular 2 Apps

Angular 2 is a brand new framework based on Angular 1 that’s currently in developer preview. To get an early sense of the framework as it begins to take shape we’re going to build a real-time Angular 2 app that lets you search Twitter for real-time updates.

How to Unit Test with $rootScope in AngularJS – ngMock Fundamentals

How to unit test AngularJS code that uses the $scope service with ngMock. In this post we take a look at unit testing with ngMock’s $rootScope service. Some knowledge of angular’s $rootScope and child $scope is assumed.

Boost the Performance of an AngularJS Application Using Immutable Data

I have affinity to functional programming since my first year in college. During my initial contact with a purely functional programming language (Haskell in my case) I didn’t really understand all the advantages it provides, everything was reduced to just writing a cool recursive functions and solving algorithmic problems.

Debugging AngularJS Apps from the Console

When building AngularJS apps, it can be challenging to access data and services hidden deep in our application through the Javascript console in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Here are some simple tricks we can use to inspect and control a running Angular app through the browser Javascript console, making


Ewww, You Use PHP?

Lately here at MailChimp we’ve been trying to bring in more developers to help us keep the innovation coming fast and furious as the application grows in scope and scale. It’s always been difficult for us to hire really good developers, just because of where we are.

HHVM vs PHP 7 – The Competition Gets Closer – Kinsta

The “dynamically typed” programming language presented unprecedented opportunities for Facebook developers to build and rebuild the site, as Mark Zuckerberg puts it,” The Hacker Way “. However, it eventually ended up losing all the knack for rapid-fire development and succumbed to the intense workload of millions of users visiting the site every minute.

Most popular PHP Frameworks 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

PHP is one of the most popular writing languages in today’s coding world. The reasons why, by latest statistics- it is preferred by 82% of the world’s web server software for its flexibility, database support, interactivity and abundance of Frameworks, that are easy to learn and can make the performance of your website lightning-fast.

From Our Partners

WordPress Multisite for Very Large Scale

So you’ve decided to go with WordPress for your large scale website. There are three basic options for setting up the site: Regular WordPress install, WordPress Multisite, or multiple WordPress instances managed by automation.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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