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Creating and maintaining a website can be done for many different reasons. In fact, there doesn’t even need to be a single reason at a time to do it. Be it personal or business, a website is a portal of information that holds various benefits. First, it offers credibility and professionalism. This can be said for both individuals looking to get hired in certain fields and a business that is looking to hire those same people. A website is a source of monthly income, for others, and thus generates profit. It’s a source of connecting with the world and showcasing your talent/expertise while doing so. As a result of this, a website is a great marketing tool. There are even those websites that are created for personal pleasure and may lead to something more later on. However, no website can maintain it’s success without the maintenance and protection that goes alongside it. A website can be created for any reason and every reason.

Credibility and professional

A website provides credibility and brings with it an air of professionalism. Speaking in terms of a website used on the individual level (as opposed to business), it can help with getting a job. Applying for certain jobs, such as photography and graphic design, require a website to showcase your portfolio. This will, in turn, provide the professionalism required for the job at hand. Future employers are interested in individuals that take their work seriously and showcase it. A website can help with this. A website will also provide credibility should an employer want to Google search a prospective employee. Purchasing a website domain with your name provides more pros to your career than cons. All you need is a domain registrar company.

When it comes to a business, they use the website to boost their brand’s online credibility. This is important for the sake of customer trust and can be done in several ways. Awards are one such example. Post awards on your website from third-party sources and industry regulators. This will provide your audience with some peace of mind as they are browsing your content or items’, considering it was given some type of award or recognition. It instills a sense of trust in the brand. In addition to awards, it would be wise to include certified trust seals (ensuring online security, as customer’s information and transactions are protected). Another source of credibility comes from customer reviews on your website. Should your website be an e-commerce with the ability to purchase items directly on it, there should be a comments section where customers can leave their thoughts and opinions. Lastly, the personality that the website provides with its content copy will help customers either relate to the content or push them further away.

Generating profit

A website is a great source of profit. For businesses, this is thanks to their e-commerce, and still, some make money from the site thanks to their particular and niche blog topics. To help towards creating a sustainable income from your website, there are, as always, a few tips to keep in mind. To start, don’t focus on the numbers. While the amount of traffic coming to your website is important, the top priority should always be the quality of your content. Provide value to your existing audience with quality items and quality work, before even hoping to expand that audience. What value will your work bring to the public? Consider this, before you get worried about how many people are frequenting your website daily. Moreover, become an affiliate to an organization’s products that are similar to your own goals. If you partake in this, you should always disclose that you are doing it. This will, in turn, be beneficial to your audience, as recommending products your audience would want will increase your credibility and provide you with a commission from the purchase.

Marketing or showing off

Another reason to make a website is to show off. Show off your talents, show off your skills and show off your company’s items. In showing off, you are also marketing yourself (whether as a company or on the personal level). There are a few proven ways to market yourself using the website. SEO, or search engine optimization, places you higher in Google’s algorithm. In learning SEO, you will also learn to bring more traffic to your website (tying into every other reason to make a website). Include a blog on your site and generate useful content that your audience would find interesting. You can even use pay per click Internet advertising to bring traffic to your site. Link social media channels on your site and cross promote between the two. After all, you can gain traffic onto your website via Facebook or Instagram, and vice versa.

Connecting with the world

In marketing yourself on a website, you are also connected and connecting to the world. You give a voice to your ideas, which can materialize themselves on your website via the copy and images. However, there is also the other side of this. What happens when people are leaving your website? You have images and content, yet no one stays for longer than 5 seconds. At that point, it doesn’t matter how connected you are to your audience with a website, as there are several other factors at play. There are a few reasons an individual may leave your website. Does your site looks like it dates back to 1995? Even if this isn’t the case, the design of your site should look smooth and polished. Ensure it is easy to navigate. Moreover, is your content easy to read and applicable? Once again, in order to connect with people via a site, there must be something there to connect with. Throw your personal or business personality into the copy of the website! Make it fun and enjoyable. Even if your site is a source of income for you, do not overwhelm people with ads. Avoid a slow site by learning how to optimize it, be clear with what it is your website is about and live up to those promises. If you promise an eco-friendly purse made from tree bark, the purse should be just that.

For personal pleasure

Having a website as a hobby is just as good of a reason to have one as any. Your website does not need to help you get a job, make money, or make everyone happy. Using a website for personal pleasure could simply provide a sense of comfort. Post on it as many times as you want and include content that you enjoy. In posting content you enjoy, there will always be others that are like-minded and will enjoy reading or viewing it. That being said, the hobby may, one day, turn into something else. If that something else isn’t your website end goal, that is okay too. Take creating a website for personal pleasure one day at a time. No matter the reason for creating it, your website will not go up overnight. However, there are more time leniencies when it is created for purely personal reasons. There is no time constraint to make the website live. After all, if it isn’t your source of income and there isn’t a looming deadline, the creation phase can be as fast or as slow as you wish.

Dealing with computer crashes

A website lives in your computer screen and the content posted on the site is stored in a computer. Speaking from a business standpoint, a company should always have an IT department if problems ever arise with the computer systems. For instance, IT consulting in Los Angeles provides prospective clients with data backup, security services, virus and malware protection and more. Looping back to websites, these types of departments are necessary within the company to help should the work laptop become ruined and lose all of its files. Those files and images are the very things that make up the website. An IT department can help find those lost and damaged computer files. In fact, the IT department would help tackle the issue before it even arose with constant 24/7 monitoring.

A website can be created for many different reasons. There isn’t a single reason that is more important than the other. Rather, they are all equally important and beneficial in their own way. While one individual may decide to start a website to make profit, another may choose to create a website for their own personal enjoyment and happiness. Neither option is wrong. If anything, there are many reasons that haven’t even been mentioned in this article. One such example is starting a website for the purpose of a school project. Find your reason to start a website, and start it. You don’t need to be an expert coder to do so. For instance, there are many different templates to choose from should you opt for a WordPress website. It’s a matter of wanting to create it and using your imagination and creativity to help it flourish.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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