The Benefits of Studying a Master of Information Online

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Do you find yourself regretting never pursuing further educational opportunities? Do you feel as though the traditional life of a student isn’t for you? Then why not sign up for a virtual MI with Rutgers Online. By removing the hassle of a typical college experience, you will be able to focus more clearly on the topic you truly love as well as taking care of unavoidable commitments, thus allowing you to further your future career into unique fields such as library science or even communicative technologies. 

Why Should I Use Rutgers Online?

As a virtual institution, Rutgers Online will be able to present you with affordable, nationally competitive tuition. As well as this, they are able to offer you the opportunities to flourish within a field of your own independent choice, mimicking the same ambience of a traditional college, minus the vast expenses.

By choosing to supplement your education with Rutgers Online, you will also be given the control over your own timetable, making sure you can balance both your studies and other life commitments all year round. Not only this, but you will be able to apply the lessons you’ve learnt online immediately into your career, meaning you will not have to wait four years in order to benefit from your studies.

However, if you feel as though you will miss out on the social side to a customary institution, then think again. Each class provides close online interactions with those also pursuing a similar career path to you, meaning you will meet people from all over the world with comparable interests that you can bond and expand your knowledge with.

Why Should I Choose to Study a Master of Information with Rutgers Online?

Following spring 2018, you will be able to choose between four specific concentrations within your Masters, including Library & Information Science, Data Science, Technology, Information & Management, as well as the newly added Archives & Preservation.

With a spectrum of concentrations on offer, you are given the ability to home in on your area of interest and therefore open new professional opportunities. Additionally, if you feel as though your specific curiosities have not been met, then studying online also gives you optional ability to customize their general MI degree outline. 

As such a broad option, a career in technology – or more specifically Library & Information Science – will be able to establish your expertise and expand your opportunities. This can be demonstrated through their advertisement to extend job placement assistance, advancing into fields such as Data Analysis and Management, Information Architecture or even Information Management.

By weighing up the comparable evidence between an online degree or a traditional college experience, competitive tuition fees, a balanced lifestyle, and the opportunity to study such an exclusive subject is highlighted to be a much more beneficial path to take in life. So what is there left to consider. Sign up for an online master of information and ultimately emerge yourself in to the opportunity of a lifetime!

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