What Everyone Should Be Doing to Be More Secure Online

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From web developers to uninitiated internet user, everyone should work towards being more secure online. Not worrying about and prioritizing your internet and digital security can be a costly mistake. Your bank details can be hacked, your information can be sold, and you can lose every piece of data on your computer. There are so many ways that a data breach can be horrible for anyone who uses a computer. 

Data never really disappears, either. This can be a godsend or a curse for you, depending on your situation. Computer forensics can recover deleted information, for instance. This can be used to either recover your once-lost family photos, or it can be used to convict you of a crime. Either way, data sticks around. The same is true on the Internet, which is why to be secure you should increase all of your personal accounts. Having these accounts public even for a short while can mean your private photos and thoughts are spread throughout the web forever. 

To be more secure, you need to be smart, and you need to be using these tactics: 

Increased Password Security

Though there is an increasing number of new security methods, from thumbprint recognition to facial recognition, you still need a password. Using the same password, or using a small number of passwords, is a huge mistake. Companies are hacked all the time, and your personal information can be stolen. The worst part is that companies are not required to tell you when they have been hacked. This means that your information could be out there for anyone to steal, and you don’t even know it. If you use unique passwords for every account you use, then your information is more secure, and the data breach is only with that one company. 

You should also set reminders to reset and change your most important accounts’ passwords. You should also turn on two-factor authentication, which further secures your accounts. 

Backup Your Data Securely 

There are so many options nowadays when it comes to backing up your information. You can do it manually and buy a hard drive with a large storage capacity, or you can do it automatically with cloud computing. When you backup your information, you should always protect it; this can mean encrypting it. It also means using extra software and programs to further protect your data when it goes on the cloud. 

Stay Private 

Unless you aim to use social media towards your own personal brand or for your company, then stay private. The extra likes and followers aren’t worth your privacy. When your Instagram account is open, then websites all throughout the web have access to your photos. Once they have this access, there are caches of your photos whether your account is now private or not. 

Delete Old Accounts 

Delete all accounts that you don’t use. Not only can they lead to some embarrassing results if your employer searches your name, but they can also pose a security risk. 


Digital security is increasingly important. Use these tactics to secure your privacy and your personal information online, and protect your reputation, your finances, and your private data.  

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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