The Steps Taken by SEO Professionals in the Backlink Building Process

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It’s fairly easy to build backlinks these days, thanks to the thousands of resources online. However, Google and co don’t just crave backlinks, they crave backlinks that are of sufficient quality. There was a time when commenting on forums and blog posts could help build links, but now, many websites are “nofollow” and don’t provide any link building benefits. Therefore, hiring a business to come in and do the work is one of the best ways of being a success in the link building department. But, how do such companies begin and finish the process?

Research Offers Great Insight

Companies will first look at your industry and the audience you serve to come up with keywords to target for backlinking purposes. This is the most important part when it comes to building links. Without research, businesses won’t know which keywords are competitive and which ones can be realistically targeted during the first few months of partnership. Plenty comes into play when it comes to research. They’ll need to research the industry, your competitors, and they’ll also want to consider multiple keywords to compete with.

Professionals Will Consider Your Already Made Progress

Professional link building companies like Click Intelligence will first determine the best course of action for your already made progress in terms of previous link building efforts (if applicable). They do this because they can gain an insight into what has or hasn’t worked in the past – and they will look to build on that with future link building efforts.

They’ll Execute the Plan

Once the research and audit processes are complete, they’ll next come up with a plan to get your link building efforts underway. They’ll execute the plan once they’ve finalised the details, but this is where they’ll start to build relationships and create a content marketing strategy that best suits your needs. Many SEO professionals now build links by using content marketing strategies as they feel this is the most effective way of building natural relationships and links (something Google craves).

Keep Your Efforts in Full Swing

It doesn’t stop at the execution of a link building plan, either, as they’ll next want to ensure your website stays competitive throughout link building efforts. They can do this by taking advantage of Google Analytics and similar programs to better get an insight into how keywords and content are performing. This is one of the hardest steps because it will more or less involve the previous steps that were taken to get the service off the ground.

Of course, link building is a very expensive process, but if you’re serious about taking your website further, it’s one of the few ways to stay up there with the competition, especially now as more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of good SEO. Whether you’re a small or a large business owner, get in contact with an SEO professional today and gain the benefits of link building in the near future.

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