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Super Simple jQuery Accordion Snippet

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This very simple jQuery Accordion Snippet will help you save space and divide your content into different logical sections. No fancy setting parameters, no need for a function call, simply add the JS file to your head and enjoy a minimal, cross-browser working Accordion.


Simple Lingulo-Accordion

What you need to do

  1. Include the minified or the original JS file
  2. Add the CSS rules to your CSS file
  3. Add your HTML code
    • create an element with the ID lingulo-accordion (or change it in the JS file if you would like to use a different ID)
    • for each toggable section create a div
    • add an element h3 as well as your content into the div

Please note: I do not guarantee the correctness of this script and can not be made responsible for any damage or loss caused through the use of this script

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