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Weekly Roundup No. 33

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Web Development

How the Internet of Things influences Mobile App Development

This article reviews the benefits of developing a mobile app.

101+ Websites To QUICKLY Find Online Freelance Work (2017 Edition)

A huge collection of regularly updated platforms, job boards and agencies to help you find the best freelance and remote work opportunities online.

Meet XRespond Testing Tool: Let’s Make Building Responsive Websites Simpler

This article provides an introduction to XRespond as a way to simplify building websites.

How to Learn Web Development the Smart Way

This article expolres the ways to learn web development.


Deploying an Angular CLI App to Production with Firebase

This post teaches how to build an Angular CLI app and how to host it with Firebase.

Intro to Vue.js: Rendering, Directives, and Events

This Tutorial provides introduction to Vue.Js.

Learn Python and Django – Build an eCommerce Website Step by Step from Scratch

Learn Python and Django Build an #eCommerce Website Step by Step from Scratch #Learn #Django, the #1 #Python Web #Framework. Pinterest, Instagram, and The Washington Times are built with Django. If you want to build an e-commerce store you need the ability to accept online customer payments.


Why Magic Quotes Are Gone in PHP 7

This article explains why magic quotes have been removed from PHP, and how to deal with this when getting ready to migrate to PHP 7.

8 Advanced PHP Tips to Improve Programming

This article provides PHP tips to help you improve your programming skills.

Login System Tutorial with PHP and MYSQL Database

PHP login system tutorial, using MySQL database and sessions, which includes registration, login, log out, and reset password functionality. Download source code: https://clevertechie.com/files/login-system.zip Text version of this video: https://clevertechie.com/php/20/login-system-php-mysql-database The registered users will be stored in a MySQL database and sessions will be implemented to know when the user has been logged in and logged out.

From Our Partners

Cloudinary – jQuery Image and Video Upload

Use Cloudinary’s upload widget to upload resources via a readymade interface that can be easily embedded within your web application with just a few lines of code, or learn how to develop your own upload capability.


I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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