WordPress Website Security Checklist: Round-Up Of The Best Practices

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Countless content management systems are available right from the ones available for free and to those that are premium but none can hold a candle to WordPress. The platform is exceptional not only because it carries a number of features along with it but also because there are endless possibilities of customizing the platform as per the requirement. With all these possibilities available with WordPress, it is very much important to keep the platform secured enough. For the same, here are some concerns mentioned below:

Use Secured WordPress Themes

Things that come from free carry along a hidden cost with them and it also goes true for  important to check the themes once they have been selected for using over your website. Official WordPress directory will offer a number of options for you to select from. 

Download Plugins and Themes from Secured Sources

There is no better way than downloading plugins from the official WordPress directory. Thus, choose WordPress.org for downloading any of the plugins or themes you wish to use over your WordPress website. These themes and plugins are thoroughly reviewed and tested well before they are added to the official directory.

Keep your WordPress Website Updated

Keeping your WordPress website updated helps in removing the clutter of outdated plugins and themes that do nothing but just add extra load to the website. It further affects the user experience and thus, it is recommended to keep your WordPress website updated. 

Backup Your Site

Backing up the data of the website is suggested so that you can have your essential information stored safely even if your website gets hacked. For backing up the site data, you can go for automated solutions such as using plugins like BackWPup, BackUpWordPress and more to get the job done significantly with minimum efforts.

File and Folder Permissions

With WordPress, there comes the opportunity to write over certain files. This offers an open access to the files as well as to the folders. Thus, adding the file and folder permission will ensure that the files have the security as much as they need to have. Plugins can help you set the required permission for the files and the folders as well.

Hosting and Server Level Security

Server level security, along with a robust hosting provider, matters as it helps in securing your websites from hacking attempts. In case you choose to invest in shared hosting, ensure your plan includes the account isolation. This will protect your site from getting affected by someone else’s site. 

Add Two-step Authentication

Two-step authentication is a way to avoid forceful hacking attacks. This approach is easy to accomplish with a password along with an authorization code that is sent to the users via SMS when they make login attempts. There is a list of exceptional plugins that can be used to add two-step authentication. 

Rename Admin Username

By default, WordPress names administrators role “admin”. Since everyone knows this fact including the technically versed hackers, it can get easier for them to succeed in hacking attempts. Thus, to avoid these deadly hacking attempts, it is suggested to rename admin user as soon as possible.

Strong Passwords

It is always suggested to make use of robust passwords to prevent the hacking attempts. With the help of exceptional tools available for the hackers also, it is a cake walk for them to get the personal details stored on the websites. It is thus suggested to make use of strong passwords and keep changing them every one or two months. 

Limit Logins

Limiting the login comes as a rescue against hacking attempts when hackers try to get your personal information hacked through brute attacks. By using certain plugins, you can limit the login attempts and help secure your website from these unexpected attacks. These outstanding plugins prevent login attempts from any specific IP and allot the limited attempts.  Also it is possible to completely remove the username/password form and instead use your phone to log in. Check out Clef if you would like to find out more.


Securing your website will get a lot easier for you after considering the aforementioned points. The security of your WordPress website matters the most; hence, do not compromise on the same ever.

I am a frontend and backend web developer who loves building up new projects from scratch. In my blog "Lingulo" me and some guest authors regularly post new tutorials, web design trends or useful resources.

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7 years ago

I have a wordpress website. I was always worrying about my security. Finally I got best article about wordpress security. Thank you so much for sharing this information

7 years ago

I have may websites on WordPress CMS. I regularly searching about security checklist but now find a good article about the security of WordPress website. Thanks admit for your great post.