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Web Development

Frameworks and Libraries in Web Development

Are CSS frameworks a boon or a burden? Do they improve productivity? This week we discussed the pros and cons of libraries and frameworks in web development.

Top Open Source Web Development Tools

These are simple tools that make coding and designing websites easy. They have some pre-configured and pre-coded features that you can use to make programming easy.

10 Most Popular Web Application Development Frameworks

This article includes a list of top web app development frameworks used by industry leaders and leading web development companies.

The Future of Web Development

This post attempts to get a sense of the future of web development in general and what problems, tools, technologies and languages might become increasingly relevant in the future.


A Beginner’s Tutorial for Understanding RESTful API

In this article we will try to explain what is RESTful API and share our experience of working with REST. We will find out what is meant by API, talk about HTTP, learn about REST, see how it works, and describe a simple example of RESTful API architecture design.

How Do You Post to a Web API Controller from An MVC Controller?

In my last post we looked at a way to call a Web API controller from C#. We’ll build upon that in this post. We’ll see how we can post form data across to an API. We’ll be using our old friend, the HttpClient.

Tutorial on How to Convert HTML to PDF Using PHP

Generating PDF documents programmatically is a pain. A better approach for web applications is to take the HTML templates and output and convert them to PDF.


ASP.NET vs PHP – Head to Head Comparison

The great debate over whether to use ASP.NET or PHP for web development projects has been a topic of heated debate for some years now. This article describes how .NET and PHP compare head to head in the major categories.

PHP Frameworks Comparison: Laravel vs Yii2

Among the lot of full-stack PHP frameworks that can be used for developing massive projects, Laravel, and Yii are widely utilized frameworks. In this article, we analyze both these platforms in the programmer’s point of view.

Tech Talk: An Overview of The Symfony 2 PHP Framework

In this PHP tech talk, we will discuss how to get started learning the PHP Framework Symfony2. The presentation focuses on the internals and environment of the framework that your code will interact with along with the principles that went into its creation.

From Our Partners

Ixia – Virtual Private Cloud: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

If you are running a virtual private cloud (VPC), poor or unpredictable network performance can hurt user experience, breach SLAs, and lead to failures. Read this quick guide by Ixia to understand hor to measure VPC performance and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.