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15 crucial web design trends for 2016 & beyond

I thought I’d be different and conduct a meta-study, bringing you what I consider to be the most cogent predictions from across the web. Hopefully that means this is the only trends post you’ll need this year. So, put your feet up and read on, as we explore the larger trends, to the finer detail.

The 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2016 – Coding Dojo Blog

We compiled data from (database including current computer programmer jobs). While this isn’t an extensive list, it does provide insight into the most in-demand programming languages sought after by employers.

Using a Chromebook for Web Development

I bought a Chromebook Pixel with the intent of making it my primary development machine. For the past fifteen months, that’s what it’s been. I’ve always been a proponent of the web platform.


Bundling and Minifying an AngularJS Application with ASP.NET MVC

Bundling and minifying a website’s scripts and stylesheets reduces page load time and asset size. Here’s my project setup for bundling and minifying scripts of an AngularJS application hosted within an ASP.NET MVC site. If you’re new to bundling and minification, make sure to read my introduction to bundling and minification first.

Authentication to a RESTful web service in an AngularJS web app

Last week I wrote about how to contact a RESTful web service in an AngularJS web application using the $resource service. This post is meant to go deeper to an aspect that in that post I just forget to cover, and I have to thank codedungeon, for his comment.

Cancelling Ajax requests in AngularJS Applications

Large web applications require lots of information to operate. Whether that’s navigating between menus and tabs or just clicking around, the application has to make a lots of Ajax requests to fetch data from the server. Often times the application ultimately doesn’t need all the requests made as it might not be relevant.

Communication between collaborating directives in Angular

While the they’re literally the entry point into Angular development (every application contains a call to ng-app), many people starting out with Angular are hesitant to write their own because of the complexity associated with them. And directives are complex.


WordPress Benchmarks: PHP5.5 PHP5.6 PHP-NG & HHVM

In a local, Vagrant-based environment HHVM lost, probably due to a bug; it’s still investigated with the help of the HHVM guys! However on a DigitalOcean 4GB box it beat even the latest build of PHP-NG!

Getting Started with OOP & PHP5

Since the introduction of PHP 5, PHP has had an object model worthy of that description and became a truly modern language for use on the web. Earlier PHP scripts would have been of the kind where, to quote from Alice’s Adventures, you would “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

Jonas Friedmann

Recently I got a new MacBook Pro and decided to set it up from scratch, because I’ve used the same Time Machine backup to migrate from about four years over and over again. Perfect time to get rid of the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web server stack and replace it with Nginx and PHP-FPM.

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WordPress on the Cloud

There is growing interest in moving WordPress sites to the cloud. WordPress is increasingly used for complex and large scale websites. Many organizations are leveraging the simplicity of the platform for users and editors, while developing advanced custom functionality and building a strong infrastructure to support high traffic loads.