Is SEO Part of the Web Design Process?

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The answer to your inquiry is simple and clear. If you’re asking whether or not SEO is part of the website design process, the response is a definite yes. Focusing your attention on the connection can allow you to integrate the strongest strategies in SEO Sydney is known for.

Response Time

When you think about to the days when the internet was just birthed, you may recall constantly slow websites. You might not have had a choice back then, but now, people do. In the event that your website is too slow, visitors are likely to just go to another site with similar products or services. Increasing your search engine optimization power also involves increasing the speed at which visitors can access the material on your site.

Fresh Content

While you likely don’t have the time to redesign your entire site on a regular basis, you should work to make regular upgrades. In fact, revamping your whole site too frequently can mean that you lose your brand. On the other hand, failing to integrate new content for your regular visitors can mean that you eventually lose them. Updated content can help you to perform better when it comes to search engine results.

Content Marketing

You might be wondering what exactly you should post to your website in order to keep the material relevant. After all, your product descriptions themselves don’t change too much. Instead of focusing solely on the products and services, work to integrate content, such as photos, videos and blogs, that present what you have to offer in a real way.

Accessibility and Navigation

Imagine that you go to visit a website. You probably have a specific purpose for being there. For example, you might want to add some items to your shopping cart, or you may want to learn how many decades of experience the business has in the field. However, if you can’t find that information quickly, you might get frustrated and give up. Don’t allow your visitors to have this experience. Make it clear where surfers need to go to find the information that they want.


Content marketing is huge right now, but that doesn’t mean people shy away from written material entirely. While they may not want to read gigantic paragraphs of text, chances are that they still want to get to know about your company and the products. Therefore, you need to make the content readable. Part of that involves having talented and articulate writers craft the material. Another part of it is making sure that the font is actually readable. While bright colors and flashy fonts might seem like fun during the design process, think about how they translate when real people actually try to read them.

Mobile Optimization

You must make sure that your website has a mobile page available. People like to access websites on their phones. They tend to have to their phones near them frequently, and websites often sometimes move more quickly on phones than on laptops or computers. Since people want to access your websites on their phones, you need to bring them the ability to do so. Make a clear option to access the mobile version of the website when visitors come to it through their phones.

Using proper search engine optimization strategies involves a number of techniques, especially when you want to make sure that the process is done entirely correctly. While you want to pay attention to all of the different strategies, you do need to place a focus on SEO as part of the website design process.

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